Our big beautiful boy

Over the course of Tonka’s care, there were so many obvious things done for us that we need to thank everyone for. But I want to make sure that I also say thanks for the things that happened that we may never know, the things that only Tonka knows, the loving touches, encouraging smiles and silent prayers. You are an amazing group of compassionate people.

Dr. Brand – I want to thank you for sharing your professional knowledge and personal advice. You gave us the ability to make informed decisions, and we do not regret a single one of them.

I truly believe that like people, dogs’ souls are recycled, sent to us to teach us important life lessons. Tonka was an old soul that taught us many wonderful things. I know that everything was done to extend his time here with us. I also know that Tonka did not give up fighting; it was just time for him to move on to the next lesson.

We sincerely thank you,

Tony and Gretchen