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Pet Dental Care in Baltimore

Did you know that good dental care is an essential part of your pet’s overall health? Don’t feel badly if you say no, because frankly, pet dental care was a much overlooked service offered by our veterinarian here in Baltimore. Read on to find out about our superlative dental care and why it is so important.

woman brushing her dogs teeth in baltimore

The Importance of Proper Pet Dental Care

It’s simple: a clean, healthy mouth equals a healthy, happy pet. Here’s why. The culprit for dental problems is bacteria, and the bacteria forms like this. Saliva and food particles combine in the pet’s mouth and form the plaque that adheres to the teeth and even gets up under the gums. Plaque is a bacteria magnet, and unchecked, the bacteria forms into the tartar that wreaks havoc on the teeth, gums, and even the jawbones of afflicted pets. This all results in periodontal disease, lost teeth, gingivitis, and oral infections, all very painful conditions. The bacteria can even find its way into the body and affect the internal organs causing serious problems like heart disease.

In addition, without regular teeth cleanings or treatment, your pet may require emergency pet dental surgery for a root canal or oral lesions.

Proper Veterinary Dental Care in Baltimore

The number one way to prevent dental disease from occurring is regular dental cleanings. Here’s what’s involved. We use anesthesia to clean pets’ teeth because it is safe and comfortable for pets and allows our veterinarian to work effectively. As many owners become nervous about their pets and anesthesia, please rest assured that we use the safest products and monitor pets throughout the entire procedure.

During the cleaning, our vet scrapes off the tartar and plaque, a process called scaling. After this, the next step is to polish the teeth to get rid of any remaining particles and smooth the surface of the teeth which discourages plaque from adhering to them easily. The pet’s mouth will be rinsed and a material that also discourages plaque applied to the teeth. If our vet finds areas that need further work, pet dental surgery may be needed and performed right then or scheduled for a later time.  

Proper Dental Care at Home

Just as you brush your teeth every day, your pet needs the same treatment. We can help you identify the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet (never use human products), as well as show you the best techniques for brushing. Your pet will probably need a gradual adjustment to having you poke around in his or her mouth, so gradually build up to a daily brushing.

Make a commitment to keeping your pet as healthy as possible. Call us today to take advantage of our Baltimore pet dentistry program or a comprehensive dental exam. You can reach us at (410) 665-6996.