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Did My Pet Break a Bone in Baltimore?

At Fullerton Animal Hospital, we provide routine and emergency pet surgery, including orthopedic surgery to set a broken bone. A common question that our veterinarian in Baltimore gets is, how do I know if my pet has a broken bone? Let us share some symptoms with you, so that you can quickly get your pet veterinarian care.

Signs of a Broken Bone in Baltimore

While you may think of broken bones after auto accidents, there are many reasons your pet could break a bone. A spill down the stairs or a collision with an object could cause a broken bone. Small dogs can break a bone if they are stepped on. Symptoms vary but often include:

  • Limping
  • Whining
  • Signs of pain after an accident or fall

In some cases, you may see the bone sticking out from your pet’s skin. This is a clear sign of a broken bone.

Fractures, muscle injuries, and tendon injuries can mimic the broken bone symptoms.

Our Baltimore veterinarian can diagnose and treat your pet’s injury. If you see these signs of a broken bone, we urge you to get your pet to us right away. It is vital that you not try to treat the injury yourself. Trying to splint a broken back, for example, is dangerous as it places more pressure on your dog’s neck and back.

Seeking Immediate Veterinarian Care at Fullerton Animal Hospital

At Fullerton Animal Hospital our vet will examine your pet carefully. We may administer pain relief medication while we diagnose the problem. If we determine that a bone is broken, we will then administer anesthesia to keep your pet comfortable. Then we will re-set the bone and stabilize the injury. We’ll draw up recovery plans and tell you how to keep your pet safe until the injury heals.

Our vet in Baltimore has experience treating all types of broken bones in pets.

We are here to assist with injury treatment, pain relief, and surgical care for your pets. Call our vet in Baltimore at (410) 892-1212 to speak with our vet or schedule needed vet services today!

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