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Emergency Veterinary Services in Baltimore

Puppies and kittens bring fun and joy into a household, but if you are a new pet parent to a puppy or kitten, at some point you may be faced with an emergency and need to seek out the services of a veterinary hospital.  Below are important cues that it is time to take your puppy or kitten to the nearest veterinarian.

Respiratory Issues

Breathing problems are more common with kittens, particularly those from shelters and rescues. If your kitten sneezes, coughs, or develops a runny nose, get her to the veterinarian. Also, wheezing, chest heaving and struggling to breathe are emergencies. Take your puppy to the vet if he is gasping, coughing or sounding strange when he breathes.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

A cause of concern for both puppies and kittens, gastrointestinal problems can quickly escalate into very serious situations. Small amounts of diarrhea and vomit can probably be handled with a bland diet, but extreme lethargy, extended and painful stomachs, and blood in either diarrhea or vomit indicate a visit to your veterinarian.


Puppies and kittens like to play and sometimes they find their way into dangerous places and substances. A pup who gnaws his way through an electrical cord and is shocked needs immediate emergency care as does the kitten who discovers and ingests spilled antifreeze. Other toxic substances include chocolate, raisins, pesticides, medications, cleaning chemicals among others. Contact your veterinarian for a full list of toxic substances.

Injury or Trauma

The first thing you probably think of is your pet getting hit by a car. Hopefully this will never happen to your puppy or kitten, but the results are usually quite devastating. Still serious, there are other injuries that are not as life-threatening but that require emergency care. Puppies and kittens are small and can easily get under your feet without you realizing it. Any time your pet cries, exhibits signs of pain or has breathing troubles after a traumatic event, you should take him to the veterinary hospital.

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Our veterinary hospital is here to serve Baltimore residents with general and emergency pet services. If you are in need of a Baltimore veterinarian because something seems off with your pet, then stop by the Fullerton Animal Hospital today. Give us a call at (410) 630-8110 for more information, or to schedule an appointment for your furry friend!

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