Baltimore Emergency Veterinary Care

At Fullerton Animal Hospital we understand how difficult it can be for you when your beloved companion suffers a pet emergency in Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney. You may feel concerned and confused, and not know where to turn. You want the latest in diagnostic and treatment services and don’t want to travel to several locations to get them. And you want a knowledgeable emergency vet who really cares about what happens to your pet. If you are experiencing any type of pet emergency, call us right away for guidance. For after-hours and critical care cases, we will refer you to a local pet emergency hospital.


In Towson: Pet ER,  410-252-8387 (VETS)
In Catonsville: Emergency Veterinary Clinic,  410-788-7040
In Harford County:  Animal Emergency Hospital,  410-420-7297 (PAWS)
Also in Harford County: Harford Emergency Vet Service, 410-420-8000

Common Baltimore Pet Emergency Cases

Baltimore pet emergency can come in many forms. Your pet may be having an allergic reaction or may have swallowed something that is toxic to its system and you need to quickly find the cause. Your pet may have become involved in a fight with another animal, or could have been injured in an accident and needs immediate trauma care to determine if there are broken bones which need orthopedic surgery. Or your pet might have suffered some type of cardiac event and requires monitoring of the circulatory system. Depending on the emergency, our animal hospital can direct you to come in right away or if you need to visit another emergency facility.

Emergency Vet Referrals From Our Baltimore Animal Clinic

If your pet is experiencing a pet emergency contact our animal clinic right away. We’ll advise you on steps you can take and let you know if your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian. If you do bring your pet to our animal hospital, our veterinary team consists of six doctors who will go overboard with personal service to find out what is happening with your pet and work to make him feel better. For urgent care cases, we may take digital x-rays to determine if there are any internal injuries. We may send blood work to our in-house pet lab to look for the cause of the discomfort. We can usually have answers back to you within thirty minutes and you can stay right here in our clinic with your pet. For critical cases, we can ensure you get to the emergency vet clinic nearest your house.

Once a veterinarian knows the source of your pet’s discomfort or the extent of the injuries, they can determine a plan of action to alleviate pain and repair any damage. The emergency veterinarianmay prescribe medication and will likely have an in-house pharmacy. If the situation is determined to be non-critical, you may be referred back to us for ongoing care or further diagnosis and treatments. No matter what is happening, we’ll treat your pet with compassion and take the time to talk to you and let you know what is happening. We’ll try to answer your questions and involve you in the decision-making process as much as possible.

If the emergency occurs after normal operating hours, we have a list of trusted local emergency veterinary hospitals available so your pet can receive immediate attention. If your pet has some type of emergency, call our animal hospital at (410) 892-1212 for further instructions.