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Fullerton Animal Hospital

Geriatric Care for Dogs

Geriatric care for dogs is important and at Fullerton Animal Hospital in Baltimore, MD, we help owners of older dogs take care of their pets. Older dogs can be at high risk for problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Taking your pet to our veterinarian for regular visits will help you catch diseases early and get your dog the treatment he or she needs to get well.

What to Expect from a Senior Dog Wellness Exam

A senior pet exam in Baltimore will consist of many parts. A typical senior pet wellness exam will begin with a physical examination. Our vet will check your pet’s weight and joint flexibility. Next, our veterinarian will check your pet’s coat, skin, ears, eyes, mouth and teeth.

During the examination, your dog’s veterinarian will also run a variety of tests to screen for diseases, parasites and other health problems. Below are some of the most common tests we run on older pets:

  • Blood chemistry and CBC. Blood tests will help us measure your pet’s blood chemistry and complete blood count. If your dog has diabetes, organ failure, problems with the immune system, anemia or infection, this test will detect those problems.
  • Urinalysis. The urinalysis test will help us find problems with liver and kidney function.
  • Vision tests. Older pets are susceptible to vision problems like retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts and more. We’ll test your older dog’s vision and make recommendations for treatment if we detect eye diseases or vision trouble.
  • Blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause heart disease, so we’ll monitor your dog’s blood pressure to ensure it doesn’t get too high.

Schedule a Senior Pet Wellness Exam in Baltimore

Good medical care can help your older dog live longer and stay healthier. Taking your dog to our Baltimore veterinarian regularly will also enable you to ask questions and get answers about geriatric dog care. At Fullerton Animal Hospital, we’re committed to helping your senior dog stay healthy. To make an appointment, contact Fullerton Animal Hospital at (410) 892-1212.

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