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Fleas and Ticks Prevention From Your Baltimore Veterinarian

At Fullerton Animal Hospital, we aim to help you keep your pets healthy. While we are happy to treat your pet for illness or injury, whenever possible it is best to work on prevention of illness. That includes prevention of fleas and ticks. Not only are these pests bothersome to your animal, but they are also a risk to their health. Our team is here to help you. Whether you need prevention or treatment of fleas and ticks, visit your Baltimore veterinarian for care.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Routine Visits to the Veterinary Clinic Can Help

We have a number of solutions for fleas and ticks in our practice. However, the best practice is to administer prevention solutions to your pet before they even have them. When you visit our veterinary clinic on a regular basis, we can help your pet to avoid these pest infestations. We do this through the use of a variety of treatments including preventative medications. Your pet will also receive ongoing care and one-on-one examinations to ensure he or she remains pest-free.

The Risks of Fleas and Ticks

Any dog or cat owner should be vigilant about preventing and treating fleas and ticks at the first sign of them. These pests suck on a pet's blood. They also can suck on human blood, making them dangerous to anyone living in your home. In some cases, they can also transmit diseases to your pet and to you including animal to human transmission of zoonotic diseases such as plague. They are commonly known to carry Lyme disease as well as bartonellosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

How to Choose a Flea or Tick Solution

Unfortunately, many of the products sold over the counter are limitedly beneficial. Typical flea collars are not effective. What is best is to come in to see your veterinarian for a customized treatment plan for your pet. If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, do not delay in getting help for them. When you come in to meet with our team, we'll talk about a wide range of products available and help you to determine which is best for your animal. Some things to consider when choosing include:

  • What type of parasite does the product treat? And, in what forms?
  • Does the product offer long-term protection? Many products are beneficial for up to 30 days.
  • How long does it take to work?
  • How is it applied and when?
  • What type of reactions can a pet have from the product?
  • Should you use more than one product?

The best prevention is to let our team help you to keep your pet healthy.

Schedule an Exam with Your Veterinarian in Baltimore Today for Fleas and Ticks

Don't guess at it. If you see any dark spots or blood on your pet's skin, come in for an examination from your veterinarian in Baltimore. Call Fullerton Animal Hospital today for an appointment: (410) 665-6996.