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Puppy Care in
Our Baltimore Animal Hospital

puppy care

A lifetime of health starts with regular puppy care at Fullerton Animal Hospital. Our Baltimore veterinarians provide loving and professional pet care for all stages of your dog’s life beginning when you welcome a new puppy into your home. We recommend that you bring your new pet to our animal clinic shortly after its arrival for an initial examination. This will help accustom your puppy to routine visits and set a solid foundation for future care.

During this visit, our dog doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your new puppy to assess its health and look for any potential problems. We will administer the initial pet vaccinations to help protect your pet against possible diseases. Our veterinarians will also discuss the benefits of performing a spay and neuter surgery as part of a puppy care plan. If you are not planning to breed your dog, the spay and neuter surgery can have many benefits such as preventing unwanted pregnancies, controlling undesirable behaviors, and reducing the possibility of certain types of cancer. This is also the time to discuss all aspects of home and professional pet care with our doctor. We can advise you on a regular schedule of preventive care, teach you how to brush your puppy’s teeth, and answer questions about your pet’s breed and characteristics.

Routine Pet Care for Puppies of Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney

puppy pet care

In the first few months we will schedule several visits at our animal clinic for routine and preventive puppy care. This will give our veterinarian an opportunity to assess your pet’s progress, administer any needed pet vaccinations and check its ears, nose, skin and paws. If your pet is exhibiting any unwanted behaviors, this is the time to discuss them so that we can provide advice on changing these actions before they become lifetime habits.

As your puppy grows into a dog we recommend establishing a set schedule of professional pet care. Regular dog dental care at our animal clinic will help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. A consistent schedule of pet vaccinations, appropriate to your pet’s medical history and lifestyle, will continue to provide protection against diseases. During these examinations our veterinarians will look for signs of heartworm, fleas, and other potential health problems. We may administer routine blood tests, obtain x-rays and diagnostic ultrasounds, or conduct an endoscopy to confirm your pet’s health status.

If your dog should ever exhibit any unusual symptoms or become involved in a pet emergency contact us as soon as possible at (410) 665-6996 so that we may advise you on the next steps to take. We may recommend that you bring your pet to our clinic for tests and a possible pet surgery, or advise you to visit another Baltimore pet emergency hospital.

Fullerton Animal Hospital wants you and your dog to have a long and healthy life together. Setting up regular visits to our pet hospital for puppy care is a great way to start your pet on the path to health and wellness. Contact us at (410) 665-6996 to schedule an appointment.