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Kitten Wellness Care at Our Baltimore Veterinary Hospital

Adopting a kitten can bring a whole new level of happiness and entertainment to your household, but pet ownership is more than just fun and games. Your kitten is depending on you to protect his health and wellness -- which is why you want to depend on your friends at Fullerton Animal Hospital. Our veterinary hospital in Baltimore understands the special needs of baby animals, including kittens, and we can help guide the development of your new family member as be grows into a happy, healthy adult cat.

new kitten careYou'll want to keep careful track of your kitten's birthday, because he needs different kinds of veterinary aid at care at specific milestones throughout his first year of life. As soon as he is 6 weeks old, for example, you'll want to take him in for his first general wellness exam. Our veterinarians will check to see whether his teeth are growing in without complications, run lab tests to check for parasites and feline leukemia, and put him on de-worming medication if need be.

It's also critically important to administer his first round of core vaccinations at this stage. Core vaccinations protect kittens against particularly worrisome diseases such as feline distemper, feline calici virus, rhinotracheitis, and of course rabies. Depending on how much time your kitten spends outdoors or in close contact with other animals, we may also recommend non-core vaccinations against feline leukemia, Bordetella and other diseases. Kittens may need several rounds of core vaccinations, as well as booster shots later in life to keep their immunity strong.

Once your kitten is a few months old, it's time to think about spaying or neutering. Surgical sterilization is an important form of preventative wellness care. not only does it remove the threat of potentially deadly reproductive cancers, it also prevents the aggression and compulsion to roam (frequently into danger) that plagues cats when they go into heat. The best time to schedule this surgery is during or after the 9th week of life, but before sexual maturation begins.

Our Veterinarians Can Give Kittens of Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney a Great Start on Life

Our veterinarians at Fullerton Animal Hospital are ready to guide you through the process of kitten ownership even as we're guiding your kitten's health and development. We can advise you on the proper diet for his growing body and nutritional needs, as well as how to much and often to feed him, an important strategy for fending off feline obesity. Our veterinarians can recommend some types of kitty litter over others and help discern the reasons for a sudden change in bathroom habits. If a medical emergency occurs, our sophisticated diagnostic techniques, veterinary skill and dedicated care could save his life. As your kitten continues to visit us from time to time, he will come to view us as just another member of the family -- and we're confident that his owner will feel the same way! Contact us today at (410) 665-6996.