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Protect Your Pet’s Paws During the Summer in Baltimore!

It’s sweltering in much of the country, including Baltimore, which means the potential for paw damage from dogs and cats that walk on hot surfaces. It’s not something every pet owner thinks of, but scorching hot concrete and blacktop surfaces can cause severe burns and blisters on your pet’s paw pads. If you have any question about whether it’s too hot for your pet, do this simple test: hold the back of your hand on the surface for ten seconds. If it hurts your hand, it will hurt your pet’s paws.

Tips From Our Baltimore Veterinarians to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Summer Heat

Avoid it Completely

Take your pet for a walk on grass or dirt instead of on sidewalks and roads. These natural areas are cooler and less likely to damage your pet’s paws. The same thing doesn’t apply to beaches, though. The sand on a sunny day can be just as hot as a sidewalk. If you can’t avoid the man-made surfaces, take your pet out early in the morning or late in the evening when they’ve cooled down.

Add Protection

Fit your dog with a pair of protective dog boots to protect its paws from the heat. There are many different types, but all of them will keep your pet’s pads from getting injured.

Use a Stroller

If you have access to a dog park, use a pet stroller to transport your smaller dog over those hot roads. These pet carriers are becoming increasingly popular as pet owners become aware of the dangers of hot sidewalks.

Repair the Damage

An important part of animal care is to give medical care when needed. If your pet’s paws do become burnt, soothe them with a paw pad cream to help with healing. Check with our Baltimore vets for recommendations on paw creams.

It’s great fun to spend time outside with your pet during the summer heat, but it’s important to make sure your dog or cat is safe and healthy. Call our Baltimore vets at Fullerton Animal Hospital at 410-665-6996 if you have any questions.

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