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Summer Pet Safety

Long days and cool nights can make summer is a time of fun and joy for many pets. Unfortunately, summer can also be a time of danger for many animals. At Fullerton Animal Hospital in Baltimore, MD, we want all pet owners to understand the risks their pets face in the heat of summer, so they can keep their pets safe.

Provide Shade and Water

Outdoor pets can be especially vulnerable to heat illness and heat stroke. Providing shade and water for your outdoor pet is critical for his or her safety. Keep in mind that shelters with walls can lack air flow, which can make the your pet’s shelter dangerously hot on long summer days. Give your pet a weighted water dish to ensure that your pet won’t accidently knock the dish over. If your pet drinks a lot of water, give your pet two water dishes to ensure the water won’t run out.

Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Knowing the symptoms of heat stroke in pets can enable you to get your pet help when he or she needs it. Some of the most common symptoms of heat stroke in pets includes heavy panting, lethargy, glazed eyes, fever, excessive thirst and lack of coordination.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car in Baltimore

Cars can become dangerously hot very quickly on a warm summer day. Even leaving your pet in the car with the air conditioning running can be a risk, because you could lose track of time, or forget that your pet is waiting.

Go Easy on Exercise

Exercise in very hot weather can be dangerous for pets. When the temperature outside gets into the 90’s and 100’s, avoid hard exercise with your pet.

Talk to Your Pet’s Veterinarian about Pet Care in Baltimore

At Fullerton Animal Hospital in Baltimore, MD, we’re proud to provide reliable and safe animal care for the pets of Baltimore. If you think your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion this summer, contact your pet’s vet at (410) 892-1212.

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