Digital X-Ray Critical Tool for Injury Diagnosis

At Fullerton Animal Hospital, our veterinary care team understands the importance of precise injury diagnosis for successful treatment. Our animal hospital is proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary care, using digital X-rays to diagnosis orthopedic injuries in dogs and cats of Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney. Digital radiology provides superior quality images within just minutes. These detailed images allow for quick, accurate and precise diagnosis of a pet’s injuries, along with prompt treatment.

Digital X-Ray Improves Pet Emergency Care for the Communities of Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney

A digital X-ray offers many benefits over a traditional film X-ray. These images provide a larger and more accurate representation of a pet’s bone structure. This is especially important for cats and dogs with smaller bone structures. Images can instantly be enlarged for precise diagnosis. Our veterinary care team can also use these images to explain a pet’s injuries to pet owners of Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney and discuss treatment options together. The digital X-rays are an important tool for enhanced understanding of a pet’s injuries and the different treatment options available.

An additional benefit of digital X-rays is the ability to instantly correct the image and adjust for brightness, contrast and color. We can quickly correct an image on the computer, producing a better visual for quick diagnostic purposes. Whitening overexposed images and darkening underexposed images can be completed in just minutes. Thanks to these quick imaging adjustments, there is no need to “retake” an image like there would be with film X-rays. This saves pet owners time and money.

Our animal hospital uses digital X-rays because of their safety and convenience. A digital X-ray emits up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film X-rays. The results from digital X-rays are also available instantly. There is no need to wait for an image to develop. This allows our vet to quickly make a diagnosis. In the event of a veterinary health emergency, when every minute matters, instant diagnostic images are truly an invaluable asset.

As an added benefit with digital X-rays, there is no single “copy” that must be located and then sent to other veterinarians or specialists. Digital X-ray images can be viewed anywhere in our clinic and quickly emailed to other veterinary hospitals or specialists centers, if necessary. This makes it easy to transfer to an emergency animal hospital and collaborate with emergency veterinary care specialists.

Our veterinary care team has special training for the execution and interpretation of digital X-rays. We also use other advanced diagnostic tests, including ultrasound and blood work, for enhanced diagnosis. Whether your pet needs emergency surgery after a traumatic injury (e.g., being hit by a car), or orthopedic surgery for hip dysplasia or arthritis, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the best possible care thanks to our diagnostic services.

Our veterinary team is happy to answer any questions you may have about digital X-rays or other veterinary diagnostic tools. Contact us today at (410) 892-1212 to learn more!