Whether a routine spay or a complex orthopedic procedure, it’s normal for you to be anxious about your pet’s surgery. You need to know that he or she will get the finest quality of care, and that’s exactly what they’ll get from our veterinarian. We offer the most innovative pet surgery in Baltimore, with the most modern surgical suite and precise surgical techniques. Join us as we tell you more.

What Makes Us Unique?

Not many animal hospitals have the caliber of medical equipment and staff we have in our pet surgery. Our high-definition digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment give us immediate results when diagnosing pets as well as during surgery. We use surgical techniques performed in human hospitals, ensuring your pet gets unequaled care from the best-trained veterinary surgeons in the state.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet is important for several reasons. It promotes good health and prevents your pet from getting serious illnesses. For female pets, spaying prevents breast and uterine cancer as well as uterine infections. For males, neutering discourages spraying and marking as well as minimizes chances for testicular or prostate cancer. Also, spay/neutering pets does our part in reducing the ranks of homeless and unwanted pets.


Declawing your cat is not a decision to take lightly. Our veterinarian will be happy to help you determine if it’s the best thing for you and your cat. For you the advantage is that your furniture and other items cannot be ruined by scratching paws. For your cat it means being an indoor pet for the rest of his or her life. Whatever you decide, we will perform a safe surgery with minimal pain for your cat.

Ear Draining

Ear draining is necessary when your pet develops an enlarged, lumpy earflap which are actually pools of blood within the ear. Caused by physical trauma and/or ear infections, they make the pet uncomfortable, causing head shaking and ear scratching. Besides discomfort, complications can arise if these are not surgically drained by our vet.

Broken Bones and Bone Fractures

Broken bones and bone fractures in pets are potentially life-threatening emergencies that require immediate veterinary care. If your pet limps, whines, or otherwise shows distress, call us right away. Depending on the location and severity of the break, your pet may or may not need orthopedic surgery. Most bone fractures are caused by blunt force trauma, such as a car accident or rough handling.

Pet Laser Therapy

Perhaps the most remarkable of our state-of-the-art healing tools and treatments is the laser. Laser surgery is much less invasive than traditional methods and results in less pain, less bleeding, and less risk of infection for your pet. We also offer laser therapy which is a method for providing quicker tissue repair and drug-free pain relief.

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Pet surgery is just one of the many services we provide for your beloved companion. Here at Fullerton Animal Hospital, our veterinarian is committed to fulfilling all your pet’s needs skillfully, efficiently, and compassionately. Please call us at (410) 892-1212 to learn more.