Broken Bones in Baltimore

When your dog or cat breaks a bone due to an accident, pet owners want to seek immediate vet care to prevent serious complications. Our Baltimore veterinarian treats the injury by setting the bone and providing appropriate care to prevent further complications and allow a pet to heal. In certain situations, a vet also puts a cast on the broken limbs to prevent further injuries. Recognizing the signs of a broken bone allows pet owners to determine when to seek veterinarian care for the injuries.

Signs of a Broken Bone in Your Pet

While certain injuries have obvious broken bones, the injury is not always clear when you look at a pet. Recognizing the potential signs of a broken or cracked bone helps you determine when to seek appropriate medical assistance.

The common signs of a broken bone or a similar injury in a pet include:

  • Seeing the break due to the severity of the injury
  • Whining in dogs
  • Limping
  • Making sounds of pain or distress
  • Any signs of pain or discomfort after an accident, even if a pet does not show obvious signs of an injury

Never assume that a broken bone will always stick out or cause severe injuries. A bone does not always break the skin and a cracked bone may worsen without appropriate treatment. Keep in mind that certain symptoms, such as limping or showing signs of pain, may also relate to other injuries.

What Pet Owners Should Do in an Emergency

If an emergency occurs and a pet shows signs of pain, then seek immediate vet care in Baltimore at Fullerton Animal Hospital. Depending on the severity of the injury, the appropriate actions will vary slightly.

When the bone breaks the skin and a pet is bleeding, use a clean gauze bandage and gently wrap the wound. Do not apply any ointment or anti-septic to the injury and never attempt to set the bone. The purpose of the bandage is slowing the bleeding and preventing wound exposure. If the broken bone does not break the skin and cause bleeding, then roll a sturdy material like newspaper or a magazine around the injury as a splint. Do not attempt to set the bone!

Seek immediate medical attention. A vet at Fullerton Animal Hospital can treat the injury in an emergency situation.

Why Seek Immediate Veterinarian Care in Baltimore for Broken Bones?

Pet owners should never hesitate to seek veterinarian care for a broken bone because it may lead to more serious injuries. If the bone is not set properly, it will not heal properly. Your pet may always have a limp and pain. Ignoring an injury that breaks the skin may result in severe blood loss or similar risks.

Broken bones are serious injuries and you should always seek immediate veterinarian care if a pet shows signs of a broken bone or any similar injury. For more information about emergency measures to take before getting to the Fullerton Animal Hospital or for an appointment, contact us today at (410) 892-1212.