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Wellness Tips for Pocket Pets

Pocket pets differ from other animals due to their small size. When you plan to keep a pet healthy and active, you need to provide the veterinary care necessary to prevent certain illnesses and concern. At the Fullerton Animal Hospital, we provide the health treatments pocket pets need for good health. We also ensure that pet owners have the education and information they need to encourage an active lifestyle.

Nutrition for a Pocket Pet

Nutrition plays a key role in the health of any pet, including small mammals. Never assume that basic pet foods address all of a pet’s dietary needs. Although specific dietary needs depend on the animal, veterinarians recommend a well-balanced diet for most pocket pets. Since the animals include mice, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, they need a combination of seeds, fruits, vegetables and appropriate pet foods.

Playing and Engaging a Pet

Healthy nutrition is not the only factor that impacts a pet’s health and well-being. Pet wellness also requires movement and engagement with others. Play with a pet and encourage exercise with appropriate toys. Interaction with a pet is particularly important when pet owners only have one animal, since mammals and small animals are social and require company.

Treatments and Preventative Care

At the Fullerton Animal Hospital, we also recommend wellness visits to a veterinary professional on a regular basis. As a general rule, obtain an annual check-up for any pet. We also suggest veterinary care when pets show signs of sickness or when bringing a pet home for the first time. Veterinarians check for potential health concerns and examine a pet for problems before recommending any treatments. We also ensure that pets have appropriate vaccinations based on their species and possible health risks.

We service clients in Baltimore, Nottingham, Parkville and Carney areas

Protecting pocket pets in Baltimore and the surrounding areas requires appropriate veterinary care. At our clinic, we educate pet owners on appropriate care for the specific animal and we check for problems to ensure that owners have the appropriate tools to address concerns.Contact us today (410) 892-1212 for more information about caring for a small animal.

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